Annie Luna has always loved hair. Yes, she cut Barbie’s hair off. Yes, she cut friends’ hair in the kitchen. Yes, she cut college classes to look at vintage Vogue. Yes, she graduated—because she loved writing. Yes, she rock n rolled all the way. It’s just that yes! yes! yes! she loved hair more than it all.  So, after she lived in Montana, Oregon, California, New York, and Puerto Rico…she gypsied her way to Colorado and went to Beauty School. It was challenging to discipline the wild horse that creativity is, but she did it. She apprenticed. She was mentored. She was surrounded by the best. And, then, after years n years, she set out on her own and founded THE HAIR CULT.  When, she’s not building a lil’ cult following she is: falling in love with the world through photography, falling down mountains snowboarding, tripping on beautiful classic cars, and tripping over dog leashes. 

Jenna’s passion for hair started when she was 10 years old.  First, bathroom haircuts for her family, and then on to braids for the neighborhood girls, and coifs for their Moms. By the time college came, she was cutting and coloring all the roommates hair!  Realizing she was on to something, and also realizing she spent all her money on hair products,  Jenna decided to follow through on her passion, and get her cosmetology license in Arizona. Then!on to the big city!  She worked in New York City for almost a decade.  She apprenticed, she worked fashion shows and photo shoots, traveled to shows and classes internationally and educated. She had done so much that the city had to offer. It was time for the mountains.  Jenna, then, moved her little family of 3 to Colorado, where they grew to a family of 4. While working in Boulder she met Annie who eventually led her to The Hair Cult. When Jenna is not working magic in the salon she is creating art at home or chasing her two boys down mountains and through streams!